Excerpted from Wikipedia, the computer program SPSS was used for statistical analysis. Since July 28, 2009, SPSS is called PASW (Predictive Analytics software), because this company has been bought by IBM for U.S. $ 1.2 billion.

SPSS 19 Activation Method :
  1. Install the application, will fit in the middle of installation select "single user license".
  2. When completed the installation in question will be a licensing issue, select the "Enable for temporary usage."
  3. Then the browser file temp.txt. (we click open, straight up the file, so we do not need to confuse the file is no where).
  4. Further applications of SPSS 19 close it, then copy all the files in the folder crack EQX and paste it in where you install SPSS 19. Default: C: \ Program Files \ IBM \ SPSS \ Statistics \ 19.
  5. Done, now IBM SPSS 19 you can now be used and the full version.

Hardware :
  • Intel® or AMD x86 processor running at 1GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1GB RAM or more recommended
  • Minimum free drive space: 800MB
  • DVD drive
  • Super VGA (800x600) or higher-resolution monitor
Operating system:
Microsoft Windows XP (Professional, 32-bit) or Vista® (Home, Business, 32- or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)
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SPSS 17 Full Free Download (with actvation)

One of the most popular downloads on the Softonic site continues to be SPSS, allowing you to make complex graphs and illustrations from statistical data. The package is mainly aimed at those that want to solve business and research problems and features a wide range of analytical functions that take the pain out of collating data.
After the pretty quick installation procedure, you can generate graphs, pie-charts and timelines to impress your boss and present your results with some good-looking tabular and 3D graphical features. It also includes a convenient web-share function so that you can publish your results for colleagues via SPSS’s online database rather than send them by e-mail.
SPSS also offers more detailed analysis options to look deeper into your data and spot trends that you might not have noticed. You can test out hundreds of different variables on your data to see how figures or performance would change under different circumstances.
Whilst business users will find this an immensely useful program, it does take some time getting used to. In many ways, its a glorified version of Excel but with far more options and more intuitive to use. Domestic users may be intimidated by the size of the program and would be better off using something simpler although once mastered, its fairly simple to use.



Recent changes in SPSS:

  • New syntax editor
  • Translated interface
  • Better Office support


  • Unlimited period

OS requirements for SPSS:

  • OS: Win2000/XP/2003/Vista/7


SPSS 22 free download full version, don’t miss latest version of SPSS

SPSS 22 free download full version, don’t miss latest version of SPSS

SPSS 22 is the latest version of IBM SPSS, The world popular data analysis software.

The operating system:
SPSS does not work with Windows XP Home Edition. It requires
·         Windows XP Professional,
·         Windows Vista
·         Windows 7
·         Windows 8

File Size:
·         897.2 MB

It is possible to free download full version SPSS 22. There is some working download link for SPSS 20.

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